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Green Energy Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.

GES Solar is located in Dai Dong – Hoan Son Industry Park, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province.

There are two manufactories about 600 employees with 1.5GW total Capacity for the solar modules and projects supply chain based in Vietnam and China. It is a younger, active, developing and more promising manufacturer of PV modules, who is rooted in Vietnam and is eyeing the world. GESSolar is constantly making effort to provide best high efficiency PV products and supreme value- added services to customers, to build up a good corporation focusing on the premium market as well as the low market in terms of maintenance demanding. Also most importantly we would like to devote our attentions to the matched customers.

GES Solar Milestones


  • GES Solar Setup and Registration


  • TUV (SUD) Certificate & Smart Module (Sunsinifer) Series Launched


  • ISO Certificates GES Solar Own Brand Launched


  • Full Black Module Series Launched


  • Customized Module Series Launched


  • Smart Module (Tigo) Series Launched


  • Business Combination for OBM,ODM & OEM


  • First Yield Rate > 99.89%
  • Equipment Utilization Rate >92.6%


  • UL Certificate


  • Munich Reinsurance Products Warranty Covered

Green Energy Solar

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